Rhythm Masters Book I

Book I transpositions

"Rhythm Masters" Curriculum
Rhythm "Check Off" Chart

Chapter 1 "The Basics"
1A Theory
1B "Say" Drills
1B "Play" Drills
1C Power Grid
1D Song Reinforcers

Chapter 2 "Subdivision"
2A Theory
2A "Down Clap" Drills
2B "Say" Drills A
2B "Play" Drills A
2B "Say" Drills B
2B "Play" Drills B
2B Supplemental
2C Power Grid

Chapter 3 "Pulse and Subdivision"
3A Theory
3A "Down Clap" Drills
3B "Say" Drills
3B "Play" Drills
3B Supplemental
3C Power Grid
3D Song Reinforcers

Chapter 4 "Adding 8th Rests"
4A Theory
4A "Down Clap" Drills
4B "Say" Drills
4B "Play" Drills
4C Power Grid
4D Challenge Drills

Chapter 5 "Long Tones and Meters"
5A Theory
5B "Say" Drills
5B "Play" Drills
5C Power Grid
"Dash" Say & Play Drills

Chapter 6 "Ties"
6A Theory
6A "Down Up" Drills
6B "Say" Drills
6B "Play" Drills
6C Power Grid
6D Challenge Drills
Chapter 7 "Dotted Quarter Notes"
7A Theory
7B "Say" Drills
7B "Play" Drills
7B Supplemental
7C Power Grid
7D Song Reinforcers
7E Challenge Drills

Chapter 8 "Basic 16th Notes"
8A Theory
8A "Down Touch Up Touch"
8B "Say" Drills
8B "Play" Drills
8C Power Grid
8D Song Reinforcers

Chapter 9 "Intermediate 16th Notes"
9A Theory
9A "Down Touch Up Touch"
9B "Say" Drills
9B "Play" Drills
9B Supplemental
9C Power Grid
9D Song Reinforcers
"Shifting Gears"

Chapter 10 "Advanced 16th Notes"
10A Theory
10B "Say" Drills
10B "Play" Drills
10C Power Grid
10D Challenge Drills

Reading Key Signatures I (RKS)
Theory Page
Written Quiz
Playing Exercises

Quest For the Rhythm Masters
Rules of Engagement
Team Ranking Sheets
Rhythm Groups A - C
Rhythm Groups D - G
Rhythm Groups H - K
Rhythm Groups L - O
Rhythm Groups P - S
Rhythm Groups T - W
Rhythm Groups X - AA
Rhythm Groups BB - EE
Rhythm Groups FF - II
"Band Battleship"
Rules of Engagement
Band Battleship Grid Sheet
Game Grid Numbers

"Mystery Song Game"

"Concentration" Game for Band
Rules and Procedures
Subdivision Level I A
Subdivision Level I B
Subdivision Level II A
Subdivision Level II B
Match / Concentration
Clinic Example

"Power Grid" Assessment Sheets
S.A.S. Intro
Power Grid 1C
Power Grid 2C
Power Grid 3C
Power Grid 4C
Power Grid 5C
Power Grid 6C
Power Grid 7C
Power Grid 8C
Power Grid 9C
Power Grid 10C